Theater "Nazar Audar"

2010 - The theater “Nazar Audar” was created in Uralsk. In the same year he won the akim's Cup of the West Kazakhstan region.

2011 -  participation in the competition Zhaydarman "Union of KVN of the Republic of Kazakhstan," immediately gets a ticket to the Higher League, reached the final.

2012- plays the entire season, again in the finals.

2013 - team "Nazar Audar" - Champion of the competition "Zhaidarman".

2014 - The team presented their creativity in the program “National Show” on the TV channel “Kazakhstan”. The team, on its own initiative, presented a reporting concert, after which it took part in the program started by Tupsynbek Kabatov “Kabatov in KVN”.

2015 - The team won the first place in the special project Kazaksha KVN "Tugan Kun". In the same year, in the project “Burabai-Azilfest”, filmed on the 31st channel, I was pleased with my work.

2016 - gave the second reporting concert in the program "Conilashar" on the National TV channel "Kazakhstan".

2017 -The team became the champion in the program Tursynbek Kabatov "Playground funny and resourceful.

2018 - in all cinemas in Kazakhstan, the wide-screen “Comedy of the Great Steppe” has been rolled out. The authors and screenwriters of the film are the Nazar Audar team. The same year the team became the laureate of the Pride of the Country Prize, organized by “Astana Film Academy”.

2018, with the support of Tursynbek Kabatov, the KVN team was reassigned to the Nazar Audar theater and recruited into the concert hall “Nomad City Hall”


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