"Nomad City Hall"

On July 7, 2018, a press conference was held in Expo Hall in the “Hall Energy” hall with the participation of Bolat Mazhagulov, the Head of the Astana Department of Culture and Sports, Honored Workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tursynbek Kabatov and Saylau Kamiyev, where it was announced about opening of the first Comedy Theater and Satire. The state communal state-owned enterprise “Nomad City Hall” with the support of Astana Akimat was officially opened on November 1, 2018.

The director and artistic director of the state-owned enterprise "Nomad City Hall", which included the Comedy Theater, “Nazar Audar” Theater, the “World of Humor” Theater, is an honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tursynbek Kabatov.

On the stage of the “Nomad City Hall” hall, in addition to the performances of the Comedy Theater, there will be national television projects “Kazakhstan” “Good evening, Kazakhstan” with the participation of such stars as Roza Rymbayeva, DosymzhanTanatarov, Marzhan Arapbayeva, Omirkul Ainiyazov, the group “Zhigitter”, Altynay Zhorabayeva, Toregali Toreali, Aikyn, the new programs of the “World of humor”, KVN, which united more than one generation of talented youth as well as other concerts and events.

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